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The aim of the present prospective study was to investigate the influence of smoking on ultrasonographically determined thyroid gland volume and echo-texture in a large randomly selected group of 500 healthy subjects of both sexes from a non-iodine deficient area. An accurate ultrasonographic technique and the Brunn method were used to determine the thyroid volume of each volunteer. The examiners had no idea of the smoking habits of the volunteers. In 257 non-smokers the mean value of the right thyroid lobe volume and the left thyroid lobe volume were 7.97 ± 5.27 ml and 6,94 ± 4.82 ml respectively, whereas they were found to be 8.68 ± 5.97 ml and 7.03 ± 3.05 ml respectively in 243 smokers. Thyroid gland volume was higher in male and female smokers than in non-smokers (p > 0.05). Smoking does not present a significant heightening effect on mean thyroid gland volume in smokers and has no influence on the echogenicity or echo-texture of the thyroid gland.


Thyroid, Thyroid gland volume, Smoking, Ultrasonography

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