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HPV is an epitheliotropic virus, predominantly associated with human skin and mucosal lesions. In many studies, the presence of HPV types 6/11, 16/18 and 31/33/51 have been demonstrated in oral lesions. The aim of this study is to investigate the presence of specific types of HPV in oral benign and precancerous epithelial lesions and oral carcinomas, and the etiological significance of HPV in oral epithelial malignancies. In the present study, twenty oral lesions, of which seven were papilloma, seven squamous cell carcinoma, four leukoplakia and two lichen planus, were tested for different types of HPV. In addition, these patients were questioned regarding their alcohol consumption, smoking habits and presence of oral prothesis. Two of the seven specimens from patients with squamous cell carcinoma were positive for 16/18 and 31/33/51HPV types. In four of the seven papilloma, specimens HPV types 6/11 and 31/33/51 were positive. Three of the six precancerous lesions were positive for all types of HPV tested. In conclusion, it can be stated that the presence of HPV in oral lesions may have a part in the development of malignancy.


HPV, In situ hybridization, oral lesions

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