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Caudate hemorrhage is a rare stroke syndrome that accounts for only 3-7% of all primary intracerebral hematomas. In this study, we evaluated eight patients with isolated caudate nucleus hemorrhage for their clinical presentation and neurological findings. Material and methods: Eight patients, who were admitted to our department with isolated caudate nucleus hemorrhage, were evaluated for their clinical presentation and present risk factor findings on neurological examination and prognosis. Results: The most common symptoms on admission were headache and vomiting (five patients), whereas the most common findings on neurological examination were unconsciousness and neck stiffness (four patients). Two patients who were unconscious were lost during the course of the disease, whereas the others recovered completely or partially. Conclusions: Although isolated caudate nucleus hemorrhage shares common initial symptoms and clinical findings with subarachnoid hemorrhage, it has a better clinical prognosis.


Stroke, caudate hemorrhagias, neurologic findings

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