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This study was carried out in the Health Research Center (DÜSAM) laboratory of Dicle University. Vitamin E, Selenium and Allopurinol were given to counteract gastric damage caused by stress in rats. In the study 64 male Sprague dawley rats were used. They were divided into 8 groups, and protective agents were applied at different doses for 8 weeks. Then, performing cold-restraint stress stomach tissues were taken out and investigated macroscopically to determine mucosal damage. Lipid peroxidation levels in the stomach specimens were determined by identifying Malondialdehyde (MDA) levels by the thiobarbituric acid method. These agents have shown protective effects against cold-restraint stress. Evaluating macroscopic examinations of stomach specimens and considering MDA levels determined this. The results obtained from the Vit-E (10 mg/kg/day), Allopurinol and Selenium groups were found to be statistically significant when compared to the control group (p


Vit-E, Selenium, Allopurinol and Stress-induced ulcer

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