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Purpose: The aim of this study was to observe the effects of and compliance with an intensive insulin regimen in preadolescent children with type-1 diabetes. Patients and methods: Eleven insulin-dependent diabetic patients, five girls and six boys aged 8 - 11 years (mean 9 years 3 months) with a mean±SD diabetes duration of 2±1.07 years, participated in this study. The results of the intensive insulin regimen were evaluated after one-year follow-up in 11 patients, and in 8 patients at 18 months. In the first year of this study we aimed to bring about higher blood glucose than is generally advised, in order to avoid hypoglycemia. After one year, we encouraged the patients to promote strict metabolic control. Results: Blood glucose and HbA1c levels had significantly decreased after the intensive insulin regimen at the 12^(th) month of treatment (p


Type 1 diabetes mellitus, intensive insulin therapy, multiple injections, preadolescent children

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