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The complex in vivo interaction between Cd, a toxic metal and essential trace elements, mainly Zn and Cu, has not been elucidated yet. The objective being the elucidation of this interrelationship, Cd was subcutaneously administered as CdCI_2 (1 mg/kg/day) for 5 consecutive days to Swiss albino male rats (n=10). After 5 days, the rats were decapitated. Cd, Zn and Cu levels were estimated in hepatic, renal, cardiac and skeletal muscle specimens. Cd was found to be significantly elevated in all tissues (p< 0.001). Zn was increased in hepatic and renal tissues (p< 0.001 and p< 0.05) compared to the controls. Cu was also significantly increased in these tissues. Myocardial and skeletal muscle tissues also manifested a significant increase in Cu and Zn in this group. It is concluded that Cd administration alters the Zn and Cu status in vivo. However, the mechanism underlying the interactions between toxic and essential elements should be further investigated.


Cadmium, copper, zinc, metallothionein. The abbreviations used are: Cd, cadmium; Cu, copper; Zn, zinc; MT, metallothionein.

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