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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are continuously being developed for use as therapeutic agents for inflammatory diseases. The NSAI agents are commonly used in the control of pain by their effects on suppressing the inflammatory reaction. Pain and edema are universal complications following the surgical extraction of impacted third molars. Felden (piroxicam) and Tilcotil (felden) were used in this study for comparing the antiinflammatory effects of two different chemical agents on the control of pain and inflammation following the surgical extraction of bilaterally impacted mesio-angullary positioned lower third molars. A total of 10 patients aged from 20 to 24 attending our clinic for the extraction of third molars voluntarily were chosen. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of two different NSAI drugs on the control of inflammation following the surgical extraction of third molars by MR imaging obtained on the pre-operative 1st and post-operative 3rd days. The statistical analyses were carried out by using the t-test in paired series (t=0.02, p


Surgical extraction, impacted teeth, magnetic resonance images, piroxicam, tenoxicam.

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