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The effects of the administration of a single dose of garlic on the aerobic performance of college endurance athletes were investigated in this study. Ten trained male athletes participated voluntarily in this study. A 900-mg dose of dried garlic powder or placebo was administered randomly in a double-blind cross-over fashion. Five hours after ingestion of the tablets, the subjects underwent an incremental treadmill running test according to the Bruce protocol until subjective exhaustion. During the test, blood pressure and heart rate were monitored at 3 min intervals. After a one-week wash out period, the subjects were crossed over and the procedures were repeated for the other substance. A paired t test was used for statistical analyses. There was a significant increase in maximum oxygen consumption (VO 2 max) and endurance performance time 5 h after garlic administration as compared to the placebo (p


Garlic, Allium sativum, aerobic performance

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