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Identification of 78 Candida isolates was carried out by a commercial Fungichrom test kit, the reliability of which was further confirmed by conventional biochemical tests and the API 20C kit. Differentiation between different Candida species was also observed when sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of whole cell proteins was used. The most frequently isolated species of yeast from vaginal swabs obtained from patients was Candida albicans, which accounted for 39 of 78 (50.00%) of the isolates from women in Ankara. The next most frequent Candida species were Candida glabrata ( Torulopsis glabrata) and Candida krusei, which were isolated from 26.92 and 11.53% of the women respectively. Other species of Candida were cultured less often: 7 Candida kefyr (8.97%); 1 Candida tropicalis (1.28%) and 1 Candida parapsilosis (1.28%). The results obtained in this study strongly indicate that as an alternative to classical identification methods, the Fungichrom test can also be used for rapid and accurate identification of all Candida sp.


Candida spp., isolation, identification, Fungichrom test kit, SDS- PAGE

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