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The aim of this study was to determine PCNA (Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen) and Ki-67 expression of various soft tissue sarcomas (STS) immunohisto-chemically and to correlate with the histologic grade of these tumors. Retrospectively 185 cases of STS were re-examined. Of the 185 cases, 35 primary STS cases which were localized in the extremities and trunk wall were included in this study. Anti-PCNA and Anti-Ki-67 monoclonal antibodies were applied to the paraffin sections of tumor tissues immunohistochemically. A semiquantitative score was employed to assess the percentage of cells that were positively stained. The comparison of the positively stained tumor cell proportion and the histologic grade of the tumor was determined using PCNA (£ 25%, >25%) and Ki-67 (£ 10%, > 10%) indices. A positive correlation was found between increasing PCNA and Ki-67 expression and histologic grade and metastasis. Our results indicate that PCNA and Ki-67 can be used as a prognostic factor in STS.


Soft tissue sarcomas, PCNA, Ki-67, immunohistochemistry.

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