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Lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) is an enzyme responsible for the formation of most cholesteryl esters (CE) in human serum. In this study investigating the effects of exercise and smoking on LCAT acitvity, serum triglyceride (Tg), total cholesterol (C), HDL-C, HDL3-C and LCAT activity were measured in the sera of 29 nonsmoking and 36 smoking (at least one packet/day) young men before and after their 6-week military training period. LCAT activity was determined by measuring the amount of cholesterol esters produced in the incubation of serum and reconstituted HDL including [ 14 C]-cholesterol. Tg and C were measured with enzymatic-colorimetric methods. The measuring of HDL-C and HDL 3 -C was performed by dextran sulphate-MgCl 2 precipitation. Before exercise, serum LCAT activity in the smoking group was found to be significantly lower than that of the nonsmoking group (p


Exercise, Smoking, LCAT, HDL-C, HDL 2 -C, HDL 3 -C

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