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There is no ideal surgical technique for cervical spondylosis. The choice of surgical procedure remains controversial. A series of 25 patients who had undergone subtotal vertebrectomy and iliac bone fusion between 1985 and 1995 were reviewed. There were 19 men and 6 women with an average age of 55.6 years. All of the patients had cervical myelopathy and /or radiculopathy due to multi-level spondylosis and 7 with associated ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament. In 6 patients 1 vertebral body, in 10 patients 2 vertebral bodies, and in 9 patients 3 vertebral bodies were resected. After a mean 15-month follow-up period, 76% of patients exhibited good results. It was concluded that if cervical spinal cord compression is caused by lesions located in the anterior aspect of the spinal canal, the surgical treatment of choice is subtotal vertebrectomy and fusion.


Cervical spondylosis, myelopathy, radiculopathy, vertebrectomy

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