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This study was designed to investigate the anxiolytic effects as well as acceptance of spinal anesthesia after rectally administered midazolam, ketamine and atropine for postoperative sedation in children. Spinal anesthesia is an easy and safe method in the pediatric age group especially for outpatients. Spinal anesthesia was administered to 20 patients, aged between 2 months and 2 years, premedicated with 0.5 mg/kg midazolam + 5 mg/kg ketamine + 0.02 mg/kg atropine rectally. During vein puncture 14 children were asleep, 5 children were anxious and 1 child was crying and during spinal anesthesia 7 children were asleep, 10 children were anxious and 3 children were crying. Motor and sensorial blockade was observed in 17 childern. 12 of them were asleep, but 5 children were anxious during surgery. We found that rectal premedication with midazolam, ketamine and atropine increases tolerance to vein puncture and spinal anesthesia.


Spinal anesthesia, rectal premedication, midazolam, ketamine, atropine.

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