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Purpose: To evaluate the vascular patency of microanastomoses in rats with color Doppler ultrasonography. Materials and Methods: 15 superficial femoral and 15 carotid arterial end-to-end anastomoses were performed in 30 white rats. All arteries were evaluated pre- and post-operatively by color Doppler ultrasonography with a 7.5 mHz linear transducer (Acuson 128HP). All results were correlated with surgery after final Doppler evaluation. Results: The subjects were divided into three groups: (a) patent anastomosis; (b) partial occlusive anastomosis; (c) total occlusive anastomosis. The predictive value ratios for the patency group was 100% (15/15), that for the partial occlusive group was 67% (6/9) and that for the total occlusive group was 83% (5/6). Conclusion: Color Doppler ultrasonography is avaible and useful for evaluation of the vascular patency of microanastomosis.


Color Doppler Ultrasonography, Microanastomosis, Vascular patency.

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