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In scientific investigations; statistical knowledge is essential for collection and analysis of data properly as well as correct interpretation of literature information. In this study that was made in March 1997, opinions of 46 assistant doctors in Süleyman Demirel University Medicine Faculty about statistical knowledge were investigated by a questionnaire. All respondents have agreed on the fact that comprehension of the statistical process in an article was necessary for throughout understanding. Besides, 43 of them (93.5%) admitted that their present statistical knowledge was few or absent at all. All assistant doctors stated that a statistical education program need to be carried out during specialization. According to the majority (66.7%), it had to be not less than ten hours. In addition, most widely defined and interpreted statistical tests among the respondents have turned out to be student's t test with 34.7% definition and 37.0% interpretation ratios, and chi-square with 26.1% definition and 32.6% interpretation ratios.


Statistics, Statistical knowledge

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