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Right upper quadrant billary type pain is classified in three types. Biliary group lll patients have only biliary type pain that is due to sphincter of Oddi dyskinesia and without any abnormalities. In these patients, endoscopic sphincterotomy is a current treatment method that is performed to decrease the choledochal pressure and to facilitate bile flow into the duodenum. In this prospective study, the effect of hepatic plexus vagectomy as an adjunct to cholecystectomy on the sphincter of Oddi was investigated in biliary group lll patients who were potential sufferers of postcholecystectomy syndrome. Common bile duct pressures in 62 cholelithiasis patients were recorded by means of a catheter introduced through the cystic duct after open cholecystectomy. The upper limit of normal choledochal pressure was hypothesized to be 15cm H 2 O. The perfusion pressures were above this limit in 15 patients. The first 7 patients formed the study group and the subsequent 8 patients were the controls. Hepatic plexus vagectomy was performed on the patients in the study group. The mean decrease of common bile duct pressure was 31.6% after hepatic plexus vagectomy and was significant (p


Hepatic plexus, vagectomy, sphincter of Oddi, humans.

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