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Some genetic diseases may have increased cellular instability. Since chronic myloid leukemia (CML) has a genetic base, we aimed to seek the genetic instability of patients by micronucleus analysis, a mutation screening test which was applied by cytokinesis-blocked (CB) method. In this study, 10 CML patients at diagnosis, were analysed for their micronuclei (MN) frequencies. The values were evaluated in different culture conditions of blood and bone marrow cells. The results of CML patients are compared with control' MN values obtained by peripheral blood cultures induced with PHA. Between bone marrow and peripheral blood cultures MN values with or without PHA among patients didn't show any significant difference. However, when these values compared with the control group all of them exhibited higher MN values in a statistically significant manner. It is suggested that this method is useful in the routine cytogenetic studies of leukemia.


Micronucleus assay, cytochalasine B, bone marrow, CML.

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