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This paper describes the mycological examination of patients admitted to the department of dermatology of Kahramanmaras State Hospital. One hundred and seventy samples of finger nails, hairs and skin were collected from patients suspected of having fungal diseases and were examined under a light microscope after being treated with 15-20% KOH solution. It was observed that 68 of the 170 samples contained fungal hyphae and arthrospores, while 62 samples were free of these. Forty samples were observed to have Malasezia furfur. The samples containing M. furfur were not subjected to a culture medium. Of the 130 cultured samples, 68 had dermatophyte; 7 had T. rubrum + Candida sp and 16 had Candida sp. samples displayed no reproduction. In the 86 samples which displayed reproduction in culture media, the distribution of the fungal species was found to be as follows: 48 had T. rubrum, 5 had T. mentagrophytes, 4 had M. canis, 3 had E. floccosum, 2 had T. violaceum, 1 had T. verrucosum, 7 had T. rubrum + Candida sp., and 16 had Candida sp.


Dermatophytic Flora, Ratio of Dermatophytes.

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