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Endothelin-1 levels in normal and preeclamptic pregnant women were determined serially to investigate the correlation between renal function tests and the severity markers of preeclampsia. Plasma endothelin-1 levels were determined in 45 serial plasma samples from 15 pregnant women who subsequently developed preeclampsia, and in 43 plasma samples from 25 women with uncomplicated pregnancies retrospectively. Renal function tests, complete blood counts, urinalysis and blood pressure measurements were performed during antenatal follow-ups of these patients. No correlations were set between plasma endothelin-1 levels and renal function tests, thrombocyte and white blood cell counts, proteinuria, systolic and diastolic blood pressures. There was no significant difference between the mean plasma endothelin-1 concentrations of the preeclamptic and uncomplicated groups at all gestational weeks but at the time of delivery. None of the endothelin-1 values at any gestational week differed significantly from any other in the study group; therefore, the risk of subsequent development of preeclampsia could not be estimated by plasma endothelin-1 measurements.


Endothelin-1, pregnancy, preeclampsia.

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