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In rats penis development a seen two stages in prenatal life, the second stage is androgen hormone dependent chondrocyte and osteocyte differentiation period. To investigate Tamoxifane (Tx) administration on the developmental anomalies of penis. The newborn male rats were injected with 100 µg Tamoxifen subcutaneously from the day of birth to fifth day. This changes in Os penis and glans penis were investigated after the rats had been sacrificed and their penis were removed on the days 14.0, 21.0, 28.0, 35.0 and 60.0 Having been fixed in neutral formaline of 10%, the totally taken penis werembedded into paraffin blocks. The obtained paraffin sections were stained with Hematoxylene - Eosin, Verhoeff and Tripple. The structural changes in development of Os penis and glans penis were investigated. In our study, while formation of hyaline cartilage, bone marrow and trabecula in proximal segment of Os penis was observed on the day 7.0 in the control group, a fibrocartilage tissue in distal segment of rats within control group was seen on days 28.0 - 60.0. In rats injected with Tx, it was observed that the hemapoetic tissue disappeared in the fourth week and the hylani ecartilage disappeared on the 60th day. It was also noticed that epidermal spindles in glans penis of rats injected with Tx as from the day 21.0 were gradually affected whereas epidermal spines and keratinization disappeared on the day 60.0. As result, we identified the blockade of the development of fibrocartilagoneus tissue and hyaline cartilage in Os penis and also the blockade of the maturation of epidermal tips in rats.


Tamoxifen, Os penis, Neonatal rat.

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