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We examined the effect of global cerebral ischemia (Two vessel occlusion plus systemic hypotension method) for 15 minutes on the hippocampal CA1 and CA3 neurones in rats, and compared with turn prefence scores. 14 of 27 animals were ambidexter while 9 had left and 4 had right turn preference. The left turns were significantly different from rights (t:2,26 df:26 p:0,032). Male rats prefered 62,73% and females 56,88% left turns. Forty-eight hours following the global cerebral ischemic insult, animals were sacrificed and brains were examined by using light microscope. Hippocampal neurones of the right hemisphere were survived more in males while left side neurones did it in female rats. Most impressive result in this study was that the CA1 hippocampal neurones were better protected than CA3 neurones in cerebral ischemic insult (t:4,69 df:53 p:0.000). This significance was especially originated from right hemisphere (t:4,55 df:26 p:0,000). In ambidexter rat group, left CA3 was better protected than right CA3 (t:2,17 df:13 p:0,049). Right CA3 neurones were significantly survived better in right turn prefence dominant than ambidexter rats (t:2,22 df:16 p:0,041).


Hippocampus, Global ischemia, Neuronal death, Turn preference, CA1, CA3.

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