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One of the most important obstacles in renal transplantation is the rejection phenomenon. In spite of the developments in medical technology and immunology, early diagnosis of rejection and specific immunosuppression of the immune attack against the graft have not yet been totally accomplished. Lymphocyte cross-matching (LCM), a test to detect the presence of preformed antibodies in the donor against the recipient, is a practical and cheap method and is performed at almost all renal transplantation centers before transplantation. In this study, we searched for the relation between the posttransplant LCM status and graft survival. LCM was positive in 7 patients and 5 lost their grafts. On the other hand, of 88 patients, whose LCM remained negative, only 8 lost their grafts (p


Lymphocyte Cross-match (LCM), Renal transplantation Graft survival, DTT, Rejection

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