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An experimental study was designed to investigate the effect of diclofenac sodium (DS) on both renal parenchyma during complete unilateral ureteral obstruction. In 40 adult rats, left ureteropelvic junction were completely obstructed. Rats were divided into 4 equal groups and treated with cefoperazone (Group 2), DS (Group 3), cefoperazone and DS (Group 4) for one week postoperatively. No drug was given to Group 1 (control). Then, both kidneys of all rats were removed and examined histopathologically. The parenchymal thickness of left kid-neys were less than those of rights in all groups. Renal capsuli were moderately thickened in all obstructed kidneys. There were congestion in glomeruli and parenchymas of all kidneys, dilatation in proximal and distal tubuli of obstructed kidneys, and focal Iymphocytic infiltration in all kidneys except right kidneys in group 1 and 2. There was hemorrhage in all kidneys of Group 3 and 4. These findings support the fact that DS may cause renal complications during complete ureteral obstruction.


Ureteral obstruction, hydronephrosis, diclofenac, cefoperazone.

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