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Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve and hipple valve techniques are widely used continent valve systems in recontructive urology, We compared continence, catheterizability and complications of the nipple and Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve ruling out the inherent error of comparing different reservoirs under different conditions. A pouch was constructed with two methods present side by side. Comparable data from each valve were statistically evaluated through Mann-Whitney U test. Although the rate of complications such as dessusception and difficult catheterization for each valve are close, leakage of the Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve was observed at significantly higher pouch volumes than in the nipple valve (337. 1±105.4 cc vs. 213. 558.9 cc). Maximal leak point pressures were not different statistically for both valves, when the pouch filled to the capacity and its half (75.9±35.0 vs 48.4±20.5 and 64.8±28.0 vs 47.3±20.2 respectively). In the light of this result Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve seems to be superior to the nipple valve at higher pouch volumes.


Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve, nipple valve, continence.

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