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The effects of anti-hipertensive phenoxybenzamine were in-vestigated on tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) enzyme activity and TH mRNA levels. In the present study 5 months male sprague dawley (SD) rats were used. Phenoxybenzamine was injected i.p as 20 mg/kg which prepared in the 0.9 % NaCl and 5% ethanole. TH activity was measured by detecting of formation of 3 H 2 O as a formation of dopa from 3 H-tyrosine by radioisotope technique total adrenal RNA was isolated and hybridized wit 32 P labeled cDNA. TH mRNA was assayed by densitometric scanning of the autoradiograms using a densitometer. TH activity and TH mRNA levels were found to be significantly increased by the effcet of phenoxybenzamine (P

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