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The aim of this study was to examine the value of sensory conduction along the median and ulnar nerves of the fourth finger in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. 20 females with carpal tunnel syndrome as diagnosed by clinical and routine electrophysiological examinations were included in the study. By using the near-nerve technique, orthodromic sensory conduction along the thumb, 3rd, and 4th fingers for median; and 4th and 5th fingers for ulnar nerve study was performed. 't test' was used for statistical analysis In 19 of 20 patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, the conduction velcocity was reduced along the median sensory fibers of digit 4 compared to ulnar nerve conduction of the same digit, while in 1 patient there was no sensory action potential. Mean amplitude of the median sensory potential at the wrist was significantly smaller than that of the ulnar nerve. We conclude that testing sensory conduction along the ring finger has a similar value to digit 1 and digit 3 for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Sensory conduction; carpal tunnel syndrome; median nerve; fourth finger

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