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Meningiomas are well known for their diverse histological apperance. Although generally considered benign, their behaviour is unpredictable and characterized by frequent recurrences. Histopathological features associated with aggressive behaviour have been described, but even the World Health Organization (WHO) grading system provides broad criteria for malignancy. Mahmood et al. described a scoring system, based on 6 histopathological features, establishing objective criteria. In this study, 73 specimens from 61 cases which were diagnosed as meningioma have been reviewed and scored by the criteria described by Mahmood et al. in order to search for the availability of the application of the system. Out of 61 meningioma cases 52 (76.6%) were scored as typical with Mahmood scoring system and only 3 (5.8%) had recurrences. Other 9 cases were atypical and 6 (66.6%) had recurrences of which one turned out to be malignant. Statistical analysis by Mann Whitney Confidence Interval and Test considering both described parameters and final score revealed significant increase for recurrent meningiomas. These findings highlights the routine application of Mahmood scoring system to meningiomas for a better prognostic determination.


Meningioma, score, grade, histopathology

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