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Myocardial Free Carnitine Depletion in Asphyxiated Young Mice-Do Hypoxic Ischemic Newborn Infants Need Carnitine Supplement?




Myocardial carnitine levels were measured in three groups of young mice. Group I (control group) consisted of 5 mice whose hearts were removed by a median thoracotomy without any previous asphyxia with a free carnitine levels of 15.4±0.89 µmol/mg heart tissue. Free carnitine level of Group II (5 mice subjected to asphyxia in airtight jars without any resuscitation later on and hearts were removed after death) was 6.8±1.48 µmol/mg heart tissue. Group III (7 mice recovered from asphyxia with resusciation) was found to a free carinitine level of 8.28±1.25 µmol/mg heart tissue. The statistical analysis revealed that Group II and Group III had similar values but both groups had lower levels of myocardial carnitine comparing to the control group (p


Asphyxia, carnitine, myocardium

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