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Comparison of Treatment Modalities in Chronic Atrophic Candidosis: A Clinical and Microbiologic Study




Candida infections of the oral mucosa may present in a variety of ways, the most common form seen in everyday practice is chronic atrophic candidosis (CAC). In this study, the effectiveness of systemic and topical antifungal therapy were compared. The patients with CAC were divided into three groups and in group one the patients received fluconazole as systemic antifungal treatment. In the second group, the patients were prescribed topical nystatin mouthwashes. The third group served as a control group. In all groups, the patients cleaned their dentures with hypochloride solutions. Results of this study show that systemic and topical antifungal therapies are bot effective, but because of the somewhat high success rates were obtained by only cleaning of denture, correcting or cleaning of denture is also efficacous. Topical treatment with nystatin was found more effective than fluconazole.


Chronic Atrophic Candidosis, Antifungal Therapy.

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