Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Longitudinal Study of the Relationships Between Cephalometric Changes and Increments in Skelatal Age and Body Height and Weight.




This study included 34 children consisting of 16 males and 18 females. At the beginning, the mean chronological age of the male subjects was 10.62±0.40, and that of females 10.42±0.47 years. Body height and weight, skelatal age, and some cephalometric measurements were obtained from the children at the beginning of the investigation and again five years later. The first values were subtracted from the second values, and the differences were analysed by paired t-test. In addition, correlation analysis was used the determine whether there was any relationship between the differences of height, weight, and skeletal age and those of the cephalometric measurements of the head and face. On the basis of the results of paired t-test, statistically significant differences were found in most of the measurements. It was also found by correlation analysis that a few measurements had significant correlations, wheras the majority did not.


Skeletal age, Body height and weight, Cephalometric measurement.

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