Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

A Preliminary Study of the Rearrangements of the New Gene Br140 in AML Patients Using Southern Blot Analysis




Br140 is a member of a new class of zinc finger/leucine zipper region containing genes, two of which have been found to be responsible for leukemia pathogenesis. Its 140 kDa protein is located in the nucleus and probably functions as a transcription factor. In this study, we aimed to investigate Br140 rearrangements in 10 AML-M4 and AML-M5 patients with Southern Blotting and tried to see whether such rearrangements play a role in acute leukemia pathogenesis. Although we didnÕt detect any rearrangements of the gene, we believe that its function and mechanism of action both in normal and leukemia patients will be clarified in the future.


Br140, Acute Myeloid leukemia, Southern Blotting

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