Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Platelet-Rich Plasma Monoamine Oxidase Activities: A Novel Marker of Criminality for Young Delinquents?




Platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) is a particle-bound flavo-enzyme that is believed to be the peripheral marker for the central serotonin system. Low concentrations of this genetically determined marker may indicate vulnerability to psychopathology and certain behavioral disorders. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between the severity of crime and platelet MAO activity. Platelet MAO activity was assayed in a group (n=54) of delinquent boys at the Buca Reformatory, aged 15-19, and in a control group (n=15), with the method of Kraml et al. The control group had the highest PRP MAO activity compared to the assayed groups, and the differences among the assay groups were not significant statistically. Although Group V (violent offense) was expected to have the lowest PRP MAO activity, it was found that Group S (sexual criminality) manifested the lowest PRP MAO in the series. This fact was attributed to social factors leading to crime (families' forcing young teenagers to pursue blood feuds due to the lesser sentencing terms given to minors) in Turkey.


Platelet-rich plasma, monoamine oxidase, delinquency, criminality, teenagers

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