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Ketorolac and Metomizol in Post-Thoracotomy Pain: A Double Blind Study




The analgesic efficacy and safety of multiple intramuscular injections of 30 mg ketorolac were compared with 1000 mg metamizol in a randomized, double-blind study using 60 patients suffering from moderate to very severe pain due to thoracotomy. Patients were administrated the drugs at 2-hour intervals as required, but no more than four times a day. If additional analgesia was required, supplemental analgesic, meperidene 50 mg lM, was permitted. Pain scores were recorded at baseline, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and then hourly for up to 6 hours. Pain relief was measured at the same intervals. 0verall pain intensity and pain relief were also evaluated at 24 and 48 hours. Area under the time-effect curves for pain intensity differences or pain relief revealed that both treatments have similar efficacy. Both the patientÕs and investigatorsÕ final evaluations of efficacy were in favor of metmizol. ln additon, the needs of escape medication due to inadequate pain relief were significantly less in the metamizol group. No serious adverse effects were reported. Although, there was no statistical difference in pain measurements between the groups, every trend favored metamizol for post-thoracotomy pain.


Postoperative, pain, Analgesics, Ketorolac, Metamizol.

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