Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Effect of Local Application of Syzygium aromaticum Extract on the Conduction of the Rat Saphenous Nerve




The effect of direct local application of crude aqueous extract (CAE) of clove (Syzygium aromaticum) on the conduction of the rat saphenous nerve was studied. Application of 7.5% of CAE caused an immediate 90.1% reduction in the peak amplitude of A-/alpha/beta fiber compaund action potentials (CAPs), and complete inhibition of A-/delta and C-fiber components. However, application of 5.0% of CAE induced a 53.5% to 66.0% decrease in the amplitude of the CAPs of all the fiber types. Complete recovery of the CAPs to the pre-treatment level consistantly occured after washing with saline. No significant change was found in the conduction velocity of any of the components of the CAPs. These results suggest that local application of CAE of S. aromaticum causes a rapid, dose-dependent, non-selective and reversible block in conduction of the primary afferenet nerve fibers of the rat saphenous nerve.


Diabetics, ACE inhibitor's effects, hypertension.

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