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Treatment of Endometriosis with Gn-Rh Agonist Triptorelin: A Multicenter Study




A multicenter trial was carried out to evaluate the safety and efficacy of long acting preparation of Triptorelin-3.75 mg. (Decapeptlyl-Ferring/Erkim-Sweden) for the treatment of endometriosis. A total of 110 patients from 13 institutions with stage ll or higher endometriosis scores were included in the study; 105 of them completed the therapy. Patients underwent a 6-month course of monthly intramuscular injections during which changes in endometriosis symptoms, in biochemical, hematological, hormonal parameters and bone metabolism were evaluated. During the initial laparoscopy peritoneal implants were untouched; whereas of the 46 endometriomas encountered, they were either untouched (n: 13) or a surgical procedure [drainage(n: 23) fulguration (n: 3) cystectomy (n: 7)] was performed. At the end of the treatment, a second-look laparoscopy was performed (n: 93) to determine the efficacy of treatment on endometriotic implants. Initially 64% of patients complained of pelvic pain which dropped to 32% at the end of the treatment. Total AFS score, implants score, and implants score excluding endometriomas dropped significanly (p


Endometriosis, gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist, Triptorelin, ovarian endometrioma, laparoscopy.

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