Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Urinary Albumin Excretion in Normal Subjects and in Diabetic Patients Measured by an Enzymeimmunoassay: Methodological and Clinical Aspects




We have developed an enzymeimmunoassay (EIA) method to measure urinary albumin excretion. The albumin excretion rate (AER) (µg/min) of 93 healthy subjects and 116 diabetic patients (64 type l, 52 type ll) was determined. The validation results indicate that the EIA is a useful diagnostic tool. About 65 % of the diabetic patients lay within the normal range. The other 35% could be considered Òat riskÓ to develop overt diabetic nephropathy because their albuminuria exceeded a threshold level of 15 µg/min, chosen previously as the cutoff value for microalbuminuria. The AER of the normoalbuminuric type l and type ll diabetic patients was significantly higher than that of the controls (P


Microalbuminuria, albumin excretion rate, diabetic nephropathy, diabetes mellitus, enzymeimmunoassay

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