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Periodontal Effects of Arch Wire Used for Fixation of the Mandibulary Fractures




In this study periodontal effects of ligature wires that were used in the treatment of mandibulary fractures by intraoral fixation and healing period of these effects were examined both clinically and statistically. A total of 14 patients (4 females and 10 males, mean age 33.7) with mandibulary fractures were treted by arch bar and ligature wire in the Department of 0ral Surgery of Dentistry Faculty, Dicle University. The duration of this fixation was 6 weeks. Plaque index (PI, Löe-Silness), Gingival index (GI, Silness-Löe), pocket depth and mobility values were determined before the intermaxillary fixation, just at the end of this therapy and 3 months after the removal of ligature wires and these values were statistically compared by using student's- t test. As a result we observed that inital periodontal healing was adversly affected by intermaxillary fixation and periodontal tissues normalized 3 months after the completion of therapy.


Mandibulary fractures, arch bar, periodontium.

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