Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

In Vitro Cytotoxicity of Tooth Whiteners on Gingival Fibroblasts




Tooth whiteners used by dentists for bleaching are considered as cosmetic agents. The materials most commonly used are carbamide peroxide (CP) solutions in different concentrations, either used in dental office or at home, by the instructions of dentists. There has been recent concern about the inadvertent exposures of dental tissues to these whiteners. ln this study, cytotoxic potentials of Quick start (contains 35% CP) and Rembrandt Lighten (contains 10% CP) were compared by a cell culture system. Gingival fibroblast were incubated with tooth whiteners and cell monolayers were evaluated for direct microscopic cytotoxicity. The results indicated that gingival tissue cells can be affected by CP solutions. The extend of influence depended on the concentration of CP solution and expose time of the cells to these solutions.


Tooth whiteners, cytotoxicity, fibroblast

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