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Effect of Vitamin A on Measles Immunization




Although vitamin A deficiency in children with measles increase morbidity and mortality, effect of vitamin A on measles immunization is unknown. We conducted a randomised, open, placebo-controlled clinical trial among children to determine relationship vitamin A and measles ummunization. We studied 80 infats aged 9-17 month; 24 with vitamin A deficiency and 56 without. Malnourished infants were excluded. We measured anti-measles IgG at 4 th week and 8 th week after measles immunuzation in infants who given placebo or 200.000 lU vitamin A at the time of measles immunization. In both groups (vitamin A supplemented and placebo), there was not global difference between the curvs signifiying serum anti-measles lgG levels versus time (p: 0,51) and the curves were parallel to eachother (Hotelling t test, p: 0.61). Infants were divided into four groups depending on their vitamin A levels (group l: Serum vitamin A0.7 µmol/L +vitamin A; group lV: Serum vitamin A> 0.7 µmol/L+ placebo) and anti-measles IgG response were evaluated. The four groups did not show a significant difference in their anti-measles lgG levels measured at the fourth and eight follow-up weeks after measles vaccination (ANOVA p 0.31 and 0.76 respectively). The results indicated that mild vitamin A deficiency and adminstration of vitamin A as a single large dose doesnÕt effect on antimeasles lgG response after immunzation.


Vitamin A, Immun response, measles, immunization.

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