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Decreased LDL Sialic Acid Levels in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Nephropathy




LDL sialic acid content may determine its atherogenic capacity affecting its binding to arterial proteoglycans. Because diabetic nephropathy predicts the development of coronary heard disease (CHD), we investigated whethere LDL sialic acid content is affected in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (lDDM) patients with microalbuminuria and clinical proteinuria. LDL sialic acid concentration and plasma glucose, creatinine, HbA1 lipid and lipoprotein levels were determined from fasting blood samples in 25 healthy subjects, 25 IDDM patients with a normal albumin excration rate, 25 patients with microalbuminuria and 25 patients with clinical proteinuria. The patient group were matched for age, sex, BMI, HbA1 levels and duration of diabetes. The control and patient groups had normal resting electrocardiograms and no major illness or acute inflammatory disease. LDL sialic acid concentration was found to be statistically lower p


LDL Sialic, Diabetes mellitus nephropathy

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