Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Effects of Vitamin E on the Sulphur Dioxide Toxicity in the Respiratory Tract of Guinea Pigs




We examined the histopathological changes in the respiratory system of the guinea pigs induced by sulphur dioxide (S0)2 exposure and the effects of vitamin E on these alterations. Thirty-six adult guinea pigs were divided into three groups as control, S02 and S02/Vit E. Twenty-four animals were exposed to S02 gas at 10 ppm concentration on a daily basis for a month and vitamin E (10 mg/kg) was administered every other day to 12 of these animals i.p. during S02 exposure. Histologic examination of the tissues in S02 group demonstrated epethelial thickening in the trachea and an increase in the thickness of alveolar septae. It was observed that, vitamin E administration had reduced the effect of S02. We concluded that, vitamin E had a positive effect on limiting the tissue damage caused by S02.


Sulphur dioxide, vitamin E, Respiratory system.

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