Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences

Hospital Infections and Their Risk Factors in Metropolitan Hospitals




The roles of support personnel patient's companions and visitors in spreading hospital infections were studied at some hospitals of the metropolitan city Istanbul. The data were obtained by applying multiple question inquiries during face to face interwiew with physicians, nurses, support personnel patients and their companions in surgical clinics. In our study we observed multiple risk factors for hospital infections as like the excessive number of patients and their companions, insufficiency of the useful areas, inadequate education and lack of support personnel, restricted personal hygienic resources. "Infection Control Committee" was established at the second private hospital and the university training hospital for fighting hospital infections. There were no organizations like this at the other four hospitals. With this study it was been emphasized again that better enviromental circumstances, more financial support and more qualified personnel were necessary for the prevention of hospital infections.


Metropolitan city, Surgical clinics, Hospital infection, Risk factors, Infection control committee.

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