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In this paper, we aim to present a new and unified way, including the previously mentioned solution methods, to overcome the problem in [7] for closed and bounded valued $F$-contraction mappings. We also want to obtain a real generalization of fixed point results existing in the literature by using best proximity point theory. Further, considering the strong relationship between homotopy theory and various branches of mathematics such as category theory, topological spaces, and Hamiltonian manifolds in quantum mechanics, our objective is to present an application to homotopy theory of our best proximity point results obtained in the paper. In this sense, we first introduce a new family, which is larger than $\mathcal{F}^\ast$ that has often been used to give a positive answer to the problem. Then, we prove some best proximity point results for the new kind of $F$% -contractions on quasi metric spaces via the new family. Additionally, we show that the note given by Almeida et al. [4] is not valid for our results. Therefore, our results are real generalizations of fixed point results in the literature. Moreover, we give comparative examples to demonstrate that our results unify and generalize some well-known results in the literature. As an application, we show that each homotopic mapping to $\varphi$ satisfying all the hypotheses of our best proximity point result has also a best proximity point.


Quasi metric space, multivalued mappings, $F$-contraction, best proximity point, homotopy theory

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