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The notion of a $F$-manifold algebras is an algebraic description of a $F$-manifold. In this paper, we introduce the notion of Hom-$F$-manifold algebras which is generalisation of $F$-manifold algebras and Hom-Poisson algebras. We develop the representation theory of Hom-$F$-manifold algebras and generalize the notion of Hom-pre-Poisson algebras by introducing the Hom-pre-$F$-manifold algebras which give rise to a Hom-$F$-manifold algebra through the subadjacent commutative Hom-associative algebra and the subadjacent Hom-Lie algebra. Using Ο-operators on a Hom-$F$-manifold algebras we construct a Hom-pre-$F$-manifold algebras on a module. Then, we study Hom-pre-Lie formal deformations of commutative Hom-associative algebra and we prove that Hom-$F$-manifold algebras are the corresponding semiclassical limits. Finally, we study Hom-Lie infinitesimal deformations and extension of Hom-pre-Lie $n$-deformation to Hom-pre-Lie $(n+1)$-deformation of a commutative Hom-associative algebra via cohomology theory.

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