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Pair matrix equations have numerous applications in control system engineering, such as for stability analysis of linear control systems and also for reduction of nonlinear control system models. There are some situations in which the classical pair matrix equations are not well equipped to deal with the uncertainty problem during the process of stability analysis and reduction in control system engineering. Thus, this study presents a new algorithm for solving fully fuzzy pair matrix equations where the parameters of the equations are arbitrary triangular fuzzy numbers. The fuzzy Kronecker product and fuzzy $Vec$-operator are employed to transform the fully fuzzy pair matrix equations to a fully fuzzy pair linear system. Then a new associated linear system is developed to convert the fully fuzzy pair linear system to a crisp linear system. Finally, the solution is obtained by using a pseudoinverse method. Some related theoretical developments and examples are constructed to illustrate the proposed algorithm. The developed algorithm is also able to solve the fuzzy pair matrix equation.


Fully fuzzy pair matrix equation, fully fuzzy linear system, Kronecker product, $Vec$-operator, associated linear system

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