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We translate into double forms formalism the basic Greub and Greub-Vanstone identities that were previously obtained in mixed exterior algebras. In particular, we introduce a second product in the space of double forms, namely the composition product, which provides this space with a second associative algebra structure. The composition product interacts with the exterior product of double forms; we show that the resulting relations provide simple alternative proofs to some classical linear algebra identities as well as to recent results in the exterior algebra of double forms. We define and study a refinement of the notion of pure curvature of Maillot, namely $p$-pure curvature, and we use one of the basic identities to prove that if a Riemannian $n$-manifold has $k$-pure curvature and $n\geq 4k$ then its Pontryagin class of degree $4k$ vanishes.


Composition product of double forms, exterior product of double forms, interior product of a double form, mixed exterior algebra, Pontrjagin form, Pontrjagin number, $p$-pure curvature tensor

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