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In this paper, a new operational matrix method based on the Taylor polynomials is presented to solve generalized pantograph type delay differential equations. The method is based on operational matrices of integration and product for Taylor polynomials. These matrices are obtained by using the best approximation of function by the Taylor polynomials. The advantage of the method is that the method does not require collocation points. By using the proposed method, the generalized pantograph equation problem is reduced to a system of linear algebraic equations. The solving of this system gives the coefficients of our solution. Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the accuracy of the technique and the numerical results show that the error of the present method is superior to that of other methods. The residual correction technique is used to improve the accuracy of the approximate solution and estimation of absolute error. The estimation aspect of the residual method is useful when the exact solution of the considered equation is unknown and this feature of the method is shown in numerical examples.


Pantograph equation, delay dif ferential equations, Taylor operation method, inner product, error estimation, residual correction

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