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In this paper, we study completeness of cotorsion pairs in the category of complexes of R-modules. Let (A, B) be a cotorsion pair in R-Mod. It is shown that the cotorsion pair (\widetilde{A}, dg\widetilde{B}) and (\overline{A}, \overline{A}^{\perp}) are complete if A is closed under pure submodules and cokernels of pure monomorphisms, where in Gillespie's definitions \widetilde{A} is the class of exact complexes with cycles in A and dg\widetilde{B} is the class of complexes X with components in B such that the complex Hom(A, X) is exact for every complex A \in \widetilde{A}; and \overline{A} is the class of all complexes with components in A. Furthermore, they are perfect. As an application, we get that every complex over a right coherent ring has a Gorenstein flat cover, which generalizes the well-known results on the existence of Gorenstein flat covers.

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