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Let R be a ring with unity. The nilpotent graph of R, denoted by \Gamma_N(R), is a graph with vertex set Z_N(R)^* = {0 \neq x \in R \mid xy \in N(R) for some 0 \neq y \in R}; and two distinct vertices x and y are adjacent if and only if xy \in N(R), where N(R) is the set of all nilpotent elements of R. Recently, it has been proved that if R is a left Artinian ring, then diam(\Gamma_N(R)) \leq 3. In this paper, we present a new proof for the above result, where R is a finite ring. We study the diameter and the girth of matrix algebras. We prove that if F is a field and n \geq 3, then diam(\Gamma_N(M_n(F))) = 2. Also, we determine diam (\Gamma_N (M_2(F))) and classify all finite rings whose nilpotent graphs have diameter at most 3. Finally, we determine the girth of the nilpotent graph of matrix algebras.


Nilpotent graph, diameter, girth

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