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In this study, almost contact Finsler structures on vector bundle are defined and the condition of normality in terms of the Nijenhuis torsion N_{\phi} of almost contact Finsler structure is obtained. It is shown that for a K-contact structure on Finsler manifold \nabla_X \xi =-\frac{1}{2} \phi X and the flag curvature for plane sections containing \xi are equal to \frac{1}{4}. By using the Sasakian Finsler structure, the curvatures of a Finsler connection \nabla on V are obtained. We prove that a locally symmetric Finsler manifold with K-contact Finsler structure has a constant curvature \frac{1}{4}. Also, the Ricci curvature on Finsler manifold with K-contact Finsler structure is given. As a result, Sasakian structures in Riemann geometry and Finsler condition are generalized. As a conclusion we can state that Riemannian Sasakian structures are compared to Sasakian Finsler structures and it is proven that they are adaptable.


Finsler connection, vector bundle, almost contact manifold, Sasakian manifold, nonlinear connection, Ricci tensor

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